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55 Pages. From tradition's slight distortions of the story surrounding Christ's birth to the actual biblical events that transpired 2,000 years ago, this book analyzes the details. You will learn of the amazing parallels between Christ's birth and His resurrection, and discover a powerful message that focuses on His current Kingdom today. See how the days following His birth and the events that took place on those days send forth the truth that the death, burial and resurrection were truly the overall focus of Christ's purpose on Earth.

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160 pages. The story of Esther in the Old Testament has amazing parallels, by God's design to be sure, with New Testament teachings about our opportunity to approach God's throne of grace to find help in our times of need. From the king's choice of Esther, to her plan to thwart the genocide of the Jews in Syria, all of the experiences of Esther and her uncle, Mordecai, show us lessons of how we can overcome battles in life, based upon truth found in the Book of Hebrews. Learn how to apply the work of the cross to your everyday life's struggles and challenges. So many focus on how to get saved, and what joy it will be when we get to Heaven. But what about the in-between time now? What about the struggles we face today? There is victory in the Kingdom for such as time as this!

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Believing On Jesus Through the Apostles' Word

364 pages. The Way More Perfectly John 17:20 "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;" In the powerful statement above, we read about Jesus putting His seal of approval on the apostles whom He entrusted to carry on His message after He ascended into heaven. Jesus was able to do this because of His foreknowledge of their future. If they would have strayed from His original intent for them to preach His unadulterated Word, He would have foreknown it, and accordingly would not have directed us to believe on Him through their word. Knowing this important truth, we can rest assured that His command for everyone to believe on Him through their word, means that they truly did teach how to believe on Him properly. Therefore, we must make sure we have believed on Jesus by adhering to what the apostles taught with regards to how we receive salvation. This book seeks to accomplish what Aquila and Priscilla did for Apollos as noted in the Book of Acts. Even though Apollos was walking in the "way" of the Lord, Aquila and Priscilla were able to show him that "way" more perfectly. Similarly, only when we stand on what the apostles preached to sinners as recorded in the Book of Acts, will we understand that "way" properly, since the Book of Acts is the only book in the entire Bible with their actual sermons to the lost after Jesus' ascension into heaven. In the Book of Revelation, the apostles' names are found written on the foundation of the New Jerusalem, along with the prophets and Jesus Christ being the Chief Cornerstone of that foundation. This is the illustrated version of what Paul said the Church is built upon today. We can trust their teachings! They revealed to us whether or not "doctrine" is something with which God wants us to be concerned. Learn what the apostles told sinners they must do to be saved, and understand that we are to share the exact same gospel message today.

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Biblical Prophecy from the Hebrew Perspective: Comparing Bible With Bible

710 pages (NEW format!). What difference would it make to our theology if we knew that Jesus presently rules from every throne that He is ever going to sit upon? All of the prophecies about His Kingdom are in effect already. So many think "Endtime Prophecy" is not important today, and that there are more important things to focus upon now, since those things have not even happened yet. They’re about the future. But what if the Kingdom prophecies of Christ’s dominion were already fulfilled millennia ago? With all of the New Testament focus upon leading of the Spirit, overcoming sin, Satan, the world, and even our own flesh, is the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, really about Chinese armies, nuclear wars, Cobra helicopters and computer chips? Revelation is a "signifying" book of visionary symbols only understood when comparing it with the rest of the Bible. Read how John was told that its events were at hand 2,000 years ago. Learn how Revelation’s storyline parallels the Exodus of Israel in astounding ways to understand what the mark of the Beast really is. See how Christ currently sits upon the Throne of David. Bible Prophecy was the launching pad of inspiration for faith from which the early Church went forth into the world in the first century. That makes eschatology a very important subject for the believer today, because it shows us more about our true positions as believers in the world better than any other prophetic perspective can.

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The Kingdom of God -- The Garden Restored

This 215 page book is the result of years of study regarding Genesis and its correlation to the book of Revelation. From Genesis to Revelation, the original plan of God for Adam is seen to be the very purpose of the Church of the New Testament. The Tree of Life, the Cherubims, and the River of Eden are all found in a restored Garden City in the Book of Revelation, with the Church as the Bride of the great Last Man Adam, Jesus Christ. God has so much more for us in this present life than what we have realized. And our key to unlocking it all lies in understanding the will of God for mankind that was not abandoned after the human race fell into sin so long ago. Learn of the dominion and victory God has for you today in the here and now!

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Kings & Priests in the Garden

In this second volume go deeper into the concept of Garden Kingdom in the Church. Learn more of the revelation of the representation of the Garden in the Temple's Holiest of Holies. From the true temple of God flows the River of Life. Measuring that river is comprehending the Law of the Spirit of Life. Highlights include the study of Mount Zion, the armour of God (which corresponds to the Tabernacle furniture) and how Christ's words, "I never knew you," are linked to lack of spiritual transfiguration. Learn how our priesthood is established by the resurrection life in us, just as the budding rod of Aaron resurrected to validate his priesthood. Have you ever noticed how his rod was shaped so similarly to the Tabernacle's candlestick? All of this is ours to enjoy as we feast more upon Eternal Life!

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A Revelation of the Lord's Prayer

NEW LARGER PRINT - EASIER TO READ FORMAT!! The Lord's Prayer must be the most well-known prayer in all of mankind's history. How many billions of people have prayed in this manner for the last two thousand years? But what is not so well-known is that after the prayer was laid out to the disciples, Jesus Christ took each element from it and detailingly explained what it involved in the same sequence in which it is found in the prayer, itself! By the time He finished explaining the details of the prayer, Jesus said those who seek the Father in this manner, covering all these bases, will live an absolutely indestructible Christian life. Taken from the Sermon on the Mount, the Prayer and the following explanation by Jesus takes up almost exactly one half of the entire Sermon. It's that important! Unleash the power of God's Kingdom in this world as you learn Kingdom Praying!

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Insights from the Psalms, Isaiah & The Book of Revelation

Psalm 110:1 is the most oft-quoted Old Testament verse in the New Testament. It is the Kingdom Scripture in the Bible. Mike Blume shows how the Lord’s Prayer is intimately linked to this most important Psalm of David. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Isaiah’s prophecy and the Book of Revelation open this truth up tremendously. Learn how Prayer is vital to see satan’s kingdom displaced by God’s. While Jesus told us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come,” the Book of Revelation reads, “Now is come… the Kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ.” Learn how this is fulfilled by faithful prayer.

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How to Enjoy the Spirit-Led Life

Paul's message to the Romans is one of the deepest revelations and a veritable masterpiece of Christian literature ever penned. Michael Blume relates the insight and tremendously practical teachings from Paul with a unique blend of spiritual typology from Old Testament stories and easy-to-understand explanations of Paul's words. Much in the same way that Jesus used parables to relate the things of the Kingdom of God to the common people through the familiar, the Old Testament accounts all prefigured the very same indepth truths that the New Testament provided, but in story form. Understand more of how to overcome sin and walk after the Spirit. Learn how the power of the cross is meant to be applied to everyday struggles in life for true victory through the stories of Noah, Esther and Joshua, to name a few. You'll never look at another Old Testament account the same. Realize the reality of the Spirit's power for believers to slay the works of their flesh and truly live the life of mature Sons of God that you were saved to be. No truth is more important for practical victorious living!

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Enjoy Resurrection Life

Going deeper into Paul's message to the Romans, we learn how the Spirit of God empowers us to cease fulfilling the lusts of our flesh. More than serving God, the methodology with which we serve Him is shown to make all the difference in our Christian lives. Learn how progress in our behaviour, inspired by the Spirit, marks true spirituality. As the Ark of the Covenant was central in Israel's relationship to God, God's Spirit is key to our existence as believers. Old Testament accounts of Esther, Daniel and Joshua's conquest of Jericho are referenced to help explain the deep truths related by the Apostle Paul concerning Spirit-leading. The author raises the controversy about whether or not Paul taught that Christians can never rise above wanting to have victory over sin but never actually experience it. Learn how Christ's resurrection from the dead translates into our everyday lives as the very liberty that creation longs to receive. Understanding Paul's revelation will change your prayer life forevermore, for it is through a conscious cooperation with God's Spirit by prayer, in faith, that we are able to sin less.

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Living Parables of Spirit-Led Power

Old Testament accounts of the heroes of faith are actually Living Parables. They are accounts that not only happened in ancient history, but stand as parables that relate the very spiritual truths that the New Testament teaches us in natural form. The Holy Spirit of God intended it this way. After having established the importance of the revelation of Paul the Apostle in the Book of Romans, Michael Blume brings further clarity of the meaning of those truths through the wonder of typology using Old Testament account after account. From the story of a little lady behind her window, gazing at a sight that brought fear to her people; to another woman whose sons hanged before her eyes; to another mother in Elisha's day whose son died; and yet another woman who brought glory to God in Israel using a spike similar to that used to crucify Jesus; and more. Learn how the woman called the Church can stand upon Christ's work of the cross and enjoy overcoming Power that only comes when we're Spirit-led. Allow these living parables of story after story to bring crystal-clear clarity to the New Testament teachings that we must come to experience as believers in Jesus Christ. Let us truly know Him in the power of His resurrection!

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Enjoy Resurrection Life

431 pages. Enjoy all three volumes in one edition!

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Jesus was crucified at the third hour of the day. The sun went dark three hours later at noon and stayed dark until He died at the ninth hour. Half the time was clear and half was unclear. As though a time of clarity was followed by mystery, we find a spiritual message that really comes to the forefront in light of the conversions of Saul of Tarsus and Cornelius of Italy. Astounding parallels and amazing correlations between those men's conversions and even between the very hours that were associated with these men's salvation and Christ's crucifixion reveal serious issues that all of us as believers must come to grips with. After the man who would become the Apostle to the Gentiles was saved by grace, the first Gentile was saved in the very next biblical chapter of the record of their conversions. But the details regarding their conversions reveal huge obstacles that God has to deal with in all of our lives as believers - religious traditions and inhibitions that pose a threat to the salvation of souls. Learn how God's work of the cross is easy to understand in some aspects, but unclear in others. His grace is more amazing than what any of us can truly appreciate!

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